Roddick and sharapova dating


Or for a player to win two Grand Slams and still not be ranked No.

1 if they didn't make it very far in the other Slams and skipped a lot of smaller tournaments — whether these rankings are reliable and put enough emphasis on tournaments like the Slams is often debated.

The tennis season is a lengthy one and consists of five major events: Suffice it to say that tennis players can consider themselves blessed if they don't get a single cramp or injury during their 10/11-month-long season.

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Created in 1990, the Tennis Europe Junior Tour has long been the platform of choice for the launch of a successful career, and in recent years has heralded the arrival of such top players as Justine Henin, Roger Federer, Caroline Wozniacki, Andy Murray, Victoria Azarenka, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Maria Sharapova, to name but a few.However, this basically captures how you keep score in tennis. Tennis matches are played in either singles or doubles matches.In singles matches, the side margins of the court are considered out-of-bounds; in doubles, they're fair game.In doubles matches, one half of a team takes the front, the other takes the back; the back player of the serving team is the server.Typically, the better receiver takes the front for the receiving team.The exponential growth of the tour - which last year saw participation from over 10,000 players - represents an astonishing diversification of its original 43 tournaments over two age groups.

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