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However, their exteriors don’t signify gloomy, brooding hipsters.Instead, the xx showcases a genuine vulnerability that stems from timidity and honesty. Their eponymous 2009 debut was a down-tempo R&B stunner in which every guitar note, bass line, and drum beat is precise, sparse and dripping with emotion.Her solo vocal effort, “Performance,” is heartrending, complete with haunting strings and somber lyrics.“Performance” is a unique facet of the album because it contains no percussion, but is not an emotional outlier.that the band’s upcoming shows will be the first he has ever played sober.“I was going out a lot with the excuse that I was celebrating—‘celebrating’—the past few years,” he says.

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In these songs, they reveal themselves more than they have in any previous sad song.

Their voices go higher and bigger than ever before.

Even though they’re perfectly aware that the result could be the alienation and disillusion chronicled in “On Hold,” they’re willing to take that chance.

Meanwhile, Croft addresses her deceased parents in the tender “Brave for You.” This may be the only moment when Jamie xx’s presence is unwanted, as a couple over-aggressive drum breaks interfere with the otherwise gentle track in an anomalous misstep.

While these dramatic moments are strong additions to “I See You,” the album is successful because it injects even the most upbeat songs with vulnerability and emotion.

Yet through all this upheaval, some things remain the same.

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