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She was with the series since it premiered in 2005.

Now that she's back in the ABC family, could a visit from Dr.

In 2005, Oh got a role in an ABC’s medical series Grey’s Anatomy as a Dr. She was one of the main casts and appeared from 1 to 10 season doing 220 episodes. Yang in Grey’s Anatomy she was nominated for various awards and has successfully won Screen Actors Guild Award, People’s Choice Award, and Golden Globe Award.

She has won Screen Actor Guild Award for thrice for the role she portrayed in Grey’s Anatomy.

husband, Kevin Mc Kidd, enjoyed a night out together Thursday – and it seems she still holds a soft spot for her former on-screen husband. Christina Yang on the hit ABC medical drama for ten seasons before her character left Seattle (and Mc Kidd’s Dr.

Owen Hunt) for a dream job in 2014 – tweeted a series of photos of the reunion on Friday.

She has a net worth of million but her salary is not revealed yet.

There is an ongoing rumor on Sandra Oh that she will be returning to the medical series Grey’s Anatomy but she told the media that she has no plans to return anytime soon.

She started her journey since 1989 and still currently active in the field.If EP1:' Better Off Alone' presented a dialogue from the guy's point of view there might be the semblance of a great show here. " The oblivious Brad was underutilized as a backdrop for Melissa Hunter's character to get pity.The quick scene where Brad is given his handmade Valentine Card by Amanda and responds with the "I Have To Read All Of This? It's a common scenario that fails, because while we see Amanda's hurt we don't hear the exaggerated DUMB MALE LOGIC that a guy would use in that situation ... It's basically a lot of whining from someone who isn't identifiable to a broader audience.She was also a member of a National Champion Canadian Improv Team in the late nineties at the Canadian Improv Games. Oh had also received the key to the city of Ottawa, Ontario by the Mayor Jim Watson on July 8, 2013. She earned 0 thousand per episode from Grey’s Anatomy.

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