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Shockingly they messed up this time: 110 minutes of Jessica Alba writhing around half-naked projected to 20 times its size on a gigantic wall somehow fails to excite in any way. Only a tiny bit of thought is required before arriving at the answer: this movie is absurd.I don’t mean absurd like other action movies are absurd. Jared (Walker) and Sam (Alba) are a cute, free-diving couple who dream about discovering pirate ships full of gold near their home in the Bahamas.They are joined by Jared's partying friend Bryce and his latest lay Amanda.Together they accidentally come across a sunken pirate ship that they believe is filled with gold. They argue amongst themselves and some people get killed. How can I care about these characters when they act stupid and do things that are impossible in real life.

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Alba plays Sam, who lives in the Bahamas with her beach bum boyfriend, Jared.

This updated storyline Directed by John Stockwell, is being filmed offshore and around Nassau involving hundreds of production cast and support crew.

The feature film stars Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, Scott Caan, Josh Brolin and Ashley Scott, with the basic plot being a group of divers who find themselves in deep trouble with a drug lord after they come upon the illicit cargo within a sunken airplane.

As tensions mount and the friends begin to fight about what to do with their find, others get closer to discovering their secret -- and the treasure hunters quickly become the hunted.

Is it theoretically possible to make a bad movie starring Paul Walker?

The filming is still in progress daily at Stuart Cove’s and will continue through March.

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