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(The fourth season premiered in September.) Meanwhile, its creator has become an ardent and authoritative champion of blurring the lines of gender in society.

In May, the same month Soloway’s feminist series cover story, addressing, among many other things, a personal identification as non-binary.

“When you see characters who are unfamiliar, they become familiar, and you have a new sense of them as your compatriot.” Soloway will release a memoir in 2018. The film tells the story of Ulysses (played by newcomer Luka Kain), a 14-year-old boy questioning his gender identity, who gets kicked out of his house and ends up in a church program for LGBTQ teens.

Interspersed with musical numbers and romantic yearning, it is equal parts .

His most definitive moment of 2017 was seeing President Trump throw paper towels at the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

“It proved once and for all, for the entire world to see, that he’s the biggest asshole in the universe,” Waters says.

“It only means the ones who reject us aren’t intelligent enough.

Most intelligent people understand that trans folks are quite special, and those people willingly support us. “Though our rights are at risk, I also feel this stronger wave of acceptance and sexuality that’s very exciting.

“No more, no less.” Photography: Roger Erickson Styling: Michael Cook Groomer: Melissa Dezarate at Art Department using Kusco Murphy Shirt: Vintage Moschino, Sweater: AMI, Jeans: A. “Our stories connect us—they make us who we are,” he says.“It’s increasingly crucial to be vigilant and speak out against injustices,” he says.“Being able to add to the narrative has been life-changing.” , the Drums singer went solo—having split from his longtime collaborator, keyboardist Jacob Graham—and put to page the titular thoughts that plagued him after his recent divorce sunk him into a deep depression.They include Indya Moore (first from left), a trans model making her film debut as Dijon, one of Ulysses’s compatriots.“Being barred from spaces or disinvited from any part of the world because of who we are doesn’t mean we aren’t good enough,” Moore says.I believe insight and information always prevail.” For a project like this, the time, indeed, is now. Garcia: Dress & Shoes by Marc Jacobs standout said she’s been newly inspired to talk about being a woman, an Arab-American, and a member of the queer community. I’m turned on by a lot of people right now.” Speaking of which, the actress, who recently returned for the second season of TBS’s acclaimed comedy “Queer life at its best represents individual freedom in search of beauty,” says Bill T. One of our greatest choreographers, Jones has been seeking and finding for more than four decades, and 2017 has been one of his most prolific years yet.

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