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He didn't know if Veronica was now at the casino, or was still at work and decided to call her, but it went to voice mail.

Well, he thought, I'm here, so I'll check her work first.

He had lost them, and started to search for them, becoming a bit frantic when he didn't see the group anywhere, then he saw them on the first floor, they had taken the stairs.

Only they had now been joined by another man, Thomas, the owner of the company.

Luckily for Mark, he was able to finish early and struggled through heavy snow to reach the party and join his wife.

His wife was out right lying to him and he wondered if she was just angry at him, or if there were other reasons she lied.The first one was a bust, but just as he was about to enter the second, he spotted her talking to four men at a table near the bar.This was unusual for her as she was shy, but then figured they were probably her co-workers, but why did she tell him she was still working, unless they moved the meeting here. She had said they would be at her work for an hour, and then he kept seeing her look at her watch, like she was anxious about the time.Then it hit him, they were heading to the home of Mr.Thomas which was located on the opposite side of the street.She told him fine and that she would probably be hanging out with her work mates, then she hung up without saying goodbye. He didn't know what room she might be in, but hurried out of her building and to the casino as quickly as he could.

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