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If you're not too thrilled with your current sex life situation, you might look for reasons to avoid climbing into bed."There's always something that needs to be done — work, school, friends that seem more important than spending time with your other half," says relationship expert and psychologist Vijayeta Sinh, Ph. "This usually means that something's amiss about your emotional connection and/or physical connection with each other." And that's definitely worth look into.Whoever said the end of something is better than its beginning never had a chat with women about the significance of foreplay.Foreplay is especially important for women as they take longer time to get aroused. Make his night and drive him wild with new sex positions.Foreplay serves both a physical and emotional purpose, helping to prepare both the mind and the body for sex( The amount of pleasure that variety in positions bring can make your partner look forward to something new whenever you make love.Most ladies need to be hugged, kissed and caressed in order to create lubrication in their vagina, which is essential for better sex. You can start in the kitchen while doing after-dinner-clean-up. Sex is all about love and intimacy, so whilst the sex positions are part of the fun, the actual payoff is the way different maneuvers enable you to explore each other in various ways.engaging in a romantic experience or different type of sexual act with someone else," Michaelis says.

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When that's the case, it may be time to take things to another level with your SO, all in the name of spicing things up.

Recognizing that there may be an issue with your sex life is the first step. If you don't, you two might grow even further apart. "When members of a couple have a strong intimate physical connections with each other they feel closer and the relationship bond, including feelings of commitment and loyalty are enhanced.

For most, but not all, couples, a strong sexual bond is essential for a strong romantic relationship." Read on for some signs it may be time to work on your sex life, all in the name of having a better time — and having a healthier relationship.

Research has shown that women who eat chocolate regularly perform better in bed.

Serotonin, a substance found in chocolate, has been proven to boost mood and provide energy.

It's impossible to enjoy sex if you don't feel comfortable, whether it be physically due to an illness, or mentally due to depression or a self-esteem hang up.

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