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This film is okay if one happens to like these kind of "guilty pleasures" with huge amount of nudity and love making. Sadomania is noteworthy piece of Franco cinema, and shot with his usual zooms and beautiful images of nature, stained only by the presence of the film's ugly and evil protagonists.

A Women's prison video in which the female prisoners were coerced, degraded and brutalised.

In fact, Salò's purpose and its likely effect on viewers seemed to be quite the opposite.

In the Board's view, the film depicted its events in a cold, detached and ritualised style, deliberately removing any hint of titillation.

The treatment in Sadomania was often vicious in the extreme, with gladiatorial combat to the death between naked prisoners, the torture of a prisoner by sticking needles into and around her nipples, the hunting down of a naked woman with guns and dogs, and the rape of a bound and screaming naked prisoner by an Alsation dog, viewed by the governor and his wife as a sexy turn-on.

Twenty years ago Redemption Films released Succubus and I received a written warning from the British Board of Film Classification, that Jess Franco was a director whose films the BBFC regarded as bordering on criminal. women that persistently refuse to succumb to the sadistic prison regime are systematically tortured, humiliated or degraded, often for the purpose of arousing the impotent male governor and through him the male viewer of the video work. There is no doubt in our minds that the erotic presentation of such scenes would be found depraving and corrupting by a British jury .

Some reviewers found it erotic: This is not your usual nunsploitation movie and transcends the genre, becoming art.

In reaching the decision to pass Salò '18' uncut, the BBFC considered that although the film was undeniably - and intentionally - shocking, it did not contain anything that would 'deprave and corrupt' viewers - the basic test of the Obscene Publications Act.

Taunted by visions of Mary Magdalene, who reveals the confessions of the younger nuns at the convent, the Mother Superior's mind is filled with the violent, sexual acts of her fellow sisters. There is a nun masturbating, nuns having lesbian sex, a nun being tied to a cross and pleasured by other nuns, along with a nun being licked and caressed by two priests.

Along with all this is a naked woman crucified and wearing a crown of thorns, flagellation and self-flagellation.

I was told that were I to attempt to release other films by him or to bring them into the country there would be consequences... Redemption Films challenged the banning of these films, along with Bare Behind Bars legally, and lost.

A year later I submitted Demoniacs and Sadomania and both were categorically banned with the implicit threat that by pushing the work of Jess Franco I was, indirectly, championing criminal sexual material and that if I continued I too would face not civil, but criminal proceedings. We then sought and won leave to judicially review the BBFC's entire operation, a massive undertaking and one which would, had we pursued it, opened up all the machinations of the BBFC's internal workings to public scrutiny, however, we ran out of money and had to wait until our battle over pornography several years later to finally oust the BBFC chairman James Ferman which in turn heralded in a period of more liberal censorship.

They are taken to the nearby women prison, led by sadistic lesbian warden (the late Ajita Wilson) and some sleazy governor and his wife, and despite the fact that the prison girls/women work hard there, their real reason to be there is to satisfy these leaders' bottomless sexual desires and perversions.

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