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This will reinforce the most important aspects of attracting women, which I covered in the very first couple letters. Just be: Okay, so last letter I gave you a “line,” to start a Tinder conversation with a girl. If you are going to talk to a woman, you must do so with the UNDERSTANDING that she already likes you.

Therefore, you will see exactly what I have been teaching put into action as we move to get a girl on Tinder to meet you for a first date. That line was “you’re a cutie.” I told you why it was useful, but you don’t have to use that particular line. KNOWING that she already likes you puts you at ease, makes you feel empowered, and bolder. I just follow these three things above all else: The rest is details.

And I will show you screenshots of EXACTLY how to do it. The beauty of all my lessons is how they build on each other. The reason your experiences have been poor are because you have not been acting direct, confident, and congruent. THE best guide out there to learn how to attract women without changing ANYTHING about yourself is Models by Mark Manson.

As you continue learning new dating tips for men like yourself, the old lessons will just be hammered in further. To get a girl on Tinder all we have to do is what I’ve already taught you. But still, what if you are direct, confident, and congruent and it doesn’t go well? No matter what has ever happened to you with any girl on Tinder, at the bar, in school, whatever, it NEVER helps you to NOT assume she wants you.

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Well, let’s put that Tinder opener to the test, shall we?Cops just released video showing the deputy who was allegedly cowering outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High when the shots started flying.The video shows Deputy Scot Peterson outside the school at PM EST ...Picking up right where my last letter left off, I am going to teach you: How to get a date on Tinder INSANELY fast.Without sending tons of worthless messages or even getting a girl’s number!Not only is it an insecure practice but it’s also highly unlikely.

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