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On other occasions, it can be a fine art that requires wisdom, discernment, and maturity.

Sometimes it's just a matter of establishing and maintaining appropriate boundaries.

Or is this rather a question of renewing acquaintances with an "old flame" or two? From a certain perspective, maintaining a healthy marriage while wisely managing relationships with members of the opposite sex is no different in cyberspace than it is in the "real" worldfor example, at a party, at a high school reunion, or while out to dinner with other couples at a restaurant.

There are compelling reasons to be cautious about opposite-sex friendships outside of your spouse's company.

Through the Internet and cell phones, affairs can start and blossom in the very place you hold sacred—your own home.

One flirtatious comment, an overly solicitous remark, an intimate confession, and you or your partner may be swept up in a tide of addictive emotions that can blur the boundaries between platonic and sexual.

That love and that commitment represent the "bottom line" that determines all your thoughts, choices, and actions with reference to individuals of the opposite sex.

In every circumstance, your love for your spouse and your commitment to your marriage should be your guiding principles.

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If you answered YES to these question – WARNING -Your relationship is vulnerable to having EMOTIONAL SEX.

The 3 triggers that can open the door to your partner being seduced into highly addictive emotional sex.

Learn how to identify and combat these vulnerabilities in your relationship, so you can affair-proof your relationship now and in the future.

This in turn can erode the foundation of trust which is essential to every marriage.

When that happens, it's just a short step to betrayal and infidelity.

You’ll need to know the right way to confront your partner (if you discover that your partner is involved with someone else) or to confess (if you’re the one cheating) without destroying the relationship.

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