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The startup is fast and the media player offers high transfer rates, the picture and sound quality is at the rendezvous.

It is easy to use (plug and play), the Ultra HD 4K works wonders and Dolby Atmos is supported.

Descrete codes for universal remote control and advanced functions to control the audio volume of your TV or AV receiver.

Android: Download and install Android Apps from the Google Play.

They also provide many connectors and supports new 5GHz (IEEE 802.11ac) wireless network where routers and devices can signal upward and downwardly through the Beam technology.Many 3D settings available including: 3D image depth, 3D subtitle depth, 3D interface depth, manual reversal of left-right images.Backlit Remote Control: High quality remote control with many direct access and shortcuts with backlit buttons.The Zappiti 4K HDR is the ultimate choice for anyone wishing to enjoy the best of multimedia!Every series of the Zappiti 4K HDR Family (Mini, One, Duo) are truly 4K HD players.3D also offers better image depth and an impressive, immersive effect.10-Bit: Enjoy powerful 10-bit YUV hardware decoding for professional-quality video display.

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