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Carson is Elizabeth’s cousin (our moms are sisters!) and is a 5th grader at Hillside Elementary in Atlanta, GA! Sweet Chase is a first grader at Hillside Elementary and rounds out the family as our youngest member.Together, we’ve backpacked the entire continent of Europe and eaten so much pasta that our jeans didn’t zip by the end of the trip.Katie and I lived together for 2 years post college and still adventure as much as possible!Katie graduated from the University of Texas and is in sales at Dell.

This actually ended up being the worst decision of our college careers as it involved countless all nighters and tons of paperwork.

For your comfort, complementary wetsuits, booties, and paddle jackets are provided for all of our river adventures.

Website: DO Beaver Creek Golf Club 103 Offerson Road, Avon Beaver Creek The Beaver Creek Golf Club, nestled against the slopes of Beaver Creek Mountain, is one of the longest established golf courses in the Vail Valley.

This girl has seen it all and definitely deserves the stamp as my oldest and dearest friend. The beginning of Katie and I’s friendship is a little bit sketchy…

Let me assure you all that the photo to the left is from 8th grade and that Abercrombie, army pants, and flip flops are not back in style. I had a blog in high school that actually picked up quite a decent following and somehow Katie subscribed (I’m crying laughing typing this, it’s so ridiculous) and she apparently LOVED my blog so much that she created a “Liz Byrd Fan Club” with some of her friends on the dance team.

We both graduated with professional sales degrees from TXST.

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