Speed dating lesson plan


The main idea here is that each student spends 3 minutes in costume as a historical figure, sitting across from another historical figure (usually during the same era – but you can draw synthesis at the end of a unit or semester and have characters talk across generations).To understand the set up of what the room should look like see this diagram of how to set up the room.So figure 2-3 students are the same character and you don’t put them in the same section.Try to come up with a few questions that will be asked during speed dating and then students can create the rest. Scott Fitzgerald & Zelda Fitzgerald, Henry Ford, Margaret Sanger, Zora Neale Hurston, Babe Ruth, Marcus Garvey, Eugene V.This must be between 3-6 sentences long and should include I require each student to shake hands with the person as they move around the table.

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The flaw here is I teach a 40 minute class so students met about half the characters.

SAMPLE RESUME (YOUR NAME, Period ) Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt 1858-1919 Objective: Looking to connect with other like minded individuals for future gatherings. SAMPLE BUSINESS CARD: Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt 1800 – Muckraker Contact me for a Square Deal!

In this activity students take the role of elements and carry out a speed dating activity to find the perfect partner to bond with.

I've wanted to try it out for awhile now, and I finally went for it last week.

I wanted to use a smaller "test" group before trying this with a class of 35 eighth graders, so I tried it with our resource reading classes first.

For example: The Early Presidents – Of course teach students this mnemonic to remember all of them when you’re done (Try a Mnemonic…) Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Quincy Adams, Jackson & Van Buren The Gilded Age – JP Morgan, The Roaring 20s – Invite students to your Speakeasy classroom. Have students dress up as flappers and gangsters and discuss Model T Car, Radio, Jazz Music, Literature, Harlem Renaissance Painting. Debs The 1950s – Students should discuss ideas like the Washing Machine, the Levittown homes, credit cards and TV.

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