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The relationship is still quite new, so don’t expect a(kind of gross-sounding) Grimes-Musk wedding just yet.The two met online only a month ago, which means Musk is still getting to know Grimes. Here are five facts about the Vancouver pop star: You probably guessed that.No one would name a baby Grimes, and especially not her mother, National Observer columnist Sandy Garossino.Grimes was born Claire Elise Boucher on March 17, 1988, in Vancouver. One fan theory suggested it was a tribute to classic Simpsons character Frank Grimes. Boucher became Grimes in 2007, thanks to My Space (which was still a thing in 2007).

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Then he discovered Grimes had beaten him to it with an AI character called Rococo Basilisk, and from that esoteric pun sprouted the Grimes-Musk affair — which is, as it happens, the same term my mother often used to describe my teenage bedroom.John Mc Cain of Arizona, who is undergoing treatment for cancer. Phil Bryant, a Republican, will appoint someone to replace Cochran temporarily.Bryant's pick would maintain the GOP's narrow, 51-seat majority in the 100-seat Senate — at least for now. senator, Roger Wicker, is running for re-election this year.Cochran was the first Republican in more than a century to win a state-wide election in Mississippi. Please note by submitting this form you acknowledge that you have read the Terms of Service and the comment you are posting is in compliance with such terms.The website allowed users to list three musical genres, and Boucher listed “grime” for all three, not knowing what it was.

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