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The 2018 series began on June 4, and with it came the glossy, preened contestants who have battled over the greatest competition yet to spend weeks in a villa with strangers they may or may not have to kiss.

More than 80,000 people applied for a handful of places for this series, and here are the lucky few that made it, including the two new boys who have just joined the villa.

Un any més, la jove Esquerra Independentista de les comarques de la Plana ens hem aplegat per a commemorar (pràcticament en solitari, com sempre) l’adhesió col·lectiva a les “Bases d’Unificació Ortogràfica” apadrinades per la Societat Castellonenca de Cultura, en un acte que va tenir lloc ací mateix un –llunyà en el temps, però proper en l’esperit– 21 de desembre de 1932.We’re thrilled to see her moving into the independent arena, and are excited for her next project, where she has hinted she’ll be flexing her animation muscles and mixing up her tone and style. Studio Tour Hollywood has officially opened its all-new "Classics Made Here" tour!Sonia's half-brother has been part of the regular cast again since June 2017, when Robbie took over as the new market inspector and quickly rubbed all the traders up the wrong way. Last summer, Love Island took the British viewing public by storm.The series wasn't new: in fact, it had been running - albeit in a tweaked format - since 2005, and 2017 saw its third series since being revamped.

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