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Would I have met this person had I not quit dating for while?I don’t think I would have which is why I think there’s still a place for this blog in my current life in hopes of maybe inspiring others (particularly those over 30) to pull the plug on dating for awhile.

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At times all of them feel like they are selling out or not living up to their full potential.

The show had three main couples in its character line-up and these were Michael Steadman and Hope Murdoch Steadman, Elliot Weston and Nancy Krieger Weston and Gary Shepherd and Susannah Hart.

Melissa Steadman is Michael Steadman's photographer cousin and was at one time Gary Shepherd's girl friend, Ellyn Warren is Hope Murdoch Steadman's friend from childhood and Miles Drentell, Michael Steadman and Elliot Weston's boss.

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