Tired of dating black women


When it is real, it is something you cannot control, and something you cannot ignore.

This is something that I believe in, and fully support.

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By: Alexis Ditaway Love is something that defies standard, goes beyond expectations, and breaks limitations.

If you ask young black men why they date outside of their race, there are a few popular answers: “Black girls are loud, they’re too ghetto, too controlling, they have too much attitude and they do not cater to their man.” To say these reasons are ludicrous would be an understatement.

These overgeneralized asides can be attached to any race of women.

Before I started writing, I talked this over with a black male friend of mine who encouraged me to write from a positive place.

To tell black men what I wish they would be, what kinds of things I hoped they would say and do to show their support for black women.

The truth of the matter is, young black women uphold their men to a certain standard and the reason black men do not want to date them is because they do not want to be held to those standards.

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