Updating 3g nano firmware manually


Use a GPS to track remote vehicles or boats and, optionally, get an alarm when they leave a designated area (geofencing).

It is also possible to download a file which can be opened with Navlink and Google Earth for example.

This facility may be available with other senders made by other manufacturers - it's well-worth trying. Note that these measurements are only used to display information.

A bag with two terminators is supplied with each VE. For some tank senders it is also possible to configure the capacity and the fluid type from the CCGX - for example the Maretron TLA100. Measuring the output of a PV Inverter will provide the user with an overview of both actual power balance and the energy distribution.

Thank you for choosing the Color Control Gateway transmitter (CCGX). This is achieved by having two devices on a direct connection, and a maximum of three connected via USB. (Available with straight and elbow connectors) Don't forget to terminate the VE. In addition to remote monitoring, an active internet connection allows the CCGX to regularly check for a new firmware versions - which will be automatically downloaded and installed.

It sits at the heart of your energy installation allowing you to view both live and archived data; change settings; instigate powerful functions; tailor your system to your needs; and to ensure that all the components of your system are working together, optimally. Note that this is only works for BMV700 and BMV702. From version 2.12 of the firmware the number is increased to 8 devices. There are several ways to connect a CCGX to the internet: Although other Wi-Fi dongles may work, they have not been tested and we do not offer support for other dongles. When a network is selected, it is possible to fill in the password (if the password is not already known) to connect to the network.

If you power the CCGX from an AC adaptor connected to the AC-out port of any VE. Can network, see Q17 in our data communication whitepaper. A more expensive professional router will quickly pay for itself, and you won't have wasted journeys simply to perform a re-set.

Bus product (Inverter, Multi or Quattro), then a deadlock will occur after the VE. The professional way to to monitor more systems is to add a second CCGX. Examples of such professional routers are the H685 4G LTE from Proroute, as well as the Industrial 4G router range from Pepwave. Note that the CCGX does not support USB 3G/4G dongles.

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They are not needed, nor used, by the installation.

Bus products to start up without waiting for the CCGX to boot up first. Bus device off will be less effective: although it will stop charging and inverting, it will still be in standby mode and therefore drawing more current from the battery than if pin 7 had been left in place. Bus devices which can be connected to the CCGX is 19xx111 or 20xx111, which were released in 2007. Bus firmware 26xxxxx and 27xxxxx are also supported …but 18xxxxx is not. Bus products, configured as a parallel, split-phase or three phase VE. We have heard of it working on: Almost no installations will need the IP address configuration to be inserted manually as most systems support automatic IP configuration (DHCP) - and that is also the CCGX default setting.

Typically this is only relevant in Marine or Automotive systems where it's normal to regularly switch the VE. For those types of systems we recommend that you do not cut pin 7, but simply power the CCGX from the battery. Bus system, connect either the first or the last VE. If you do need to configure the address manually, select the following template: Complete details of IP requirements, as well as used port numbers will be found in the VRM FAQ - ports and connections used by the CCGX.

Using a firewall at the VPN server allows him to control traffic according to time, connection type, place and destinations.

Although this is beyond the scope of this manual it works, and - with the help of a Linux and networking expert - it can work for you.

All this can be done either with the CCGX in front of you - or from anywhere in the world using an internet connection, together with the Victon Connect application. Not for the BMV712, MPPT solar chargers and Inverters with a VE. See next paragraph for more information on that VE. Setting up via WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is not supported.

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