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On January 26, 2009, the new rule titled Importer Security Filing and Additional Carrier Requirements (commonly known as "10 2") went into effect.

This rule applies to import cargo arriving to the United States by vessel.

Use the receptionist job description and duties above to get started and add to or expand on the skills and qualifications you’d like to have in your next hire.

After you’ve posted a receptionist job advertisement, you can create interview questions by reviewing your company’s requirements to be a receptionist.

He or she has the duty to offer valuable information regarding accommodation and services.

Receptionists handle a variety of administrative support tasks, including answering phones, receiving visitors, preparing meeting and training rooms, sorting and distributing mail, and making travel plans.

We are looking for a Receptionist to be responsible for greeting clients and visitors to our office.

A Hotel Receptionist is the one who has the responsibility to oversee the function related to dealing with guests on a daily basis. He or she has to perform the administration tasks as well.After you have reviewed the receptionist job description example above and completed a receptionist duties list, take a look at our receptionist interview questions to prepare for this stage of the hiring process.This sample receptionist resume can be adapted to suit your own needs.Receptionist job descriptions should match a company’s specific needs.You may change any section of our receptionist job advertisement sample to better explain the skills and qualities you’re looking for in your next hire.It is easy to customize with duties and responsibilities for medical receptionists, hotel receptionists, and more.

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