Updating to eclipse 3 4

Oracle’s installer removes the old version and installs the new version into a new directory.We have found that in some cases, people who have been successful in upgrading their Eclipse to versions 2.0 (or earlier) have been unable to upgrade to higher versions.The git clone location is the root directory into which all git repositories are cloned.The tycho build requires that all git repositories share the same root directory.The default choice uses ssh access and requires ssh credentials (click the key icon at the bottom to set this up), and your public key must be uploaded to github.The to download eclipse and install it to the selected location.In other cases, they have had difficulty upgrading at all.

You can choose between (a) a root directory and a subdirectory within that root directory and (b) a full path to the installation directory.

See Eclipse Upgrade Problem Resolution for more information.

With any upgrade there is always a small risk of problems.

On Mac OSX and Linux the installer is a compressed archive. The installer for Windows is a self-extracting archive.

When running the executable you can choose to keep the extracted installer and select an installation directory.

The next group determines the location of the workspace.

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