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The Integrated program offers training in singing, acting, and dance.The Studio program trains students in acting for stage, film, and television.The following is a list of Los Angeles-area stage and film acting schools, teachers, and acoaches organized by category and alphabetically.

His classes include cold reading, scene study, improvisation, audition scenes, and monologues. North Hollywood, CA [email protected] 766-217116 students max.; All levels; Auditing is permitted; Ongoing; Limited work study available Fran Montano, an actor for more than 25 years and a teacher for over 20, specializes in "troubleshooting actors' blocks." To that end, he says, classes are small, "very individualized, and it's very much an intense workout where everyone works every class." His classes, based on Meisner technique, include exercises, improv, cold reading, and scene study.

Ongoing classes include beginning technique, cold-reading, improv, voice, dialect and accent, intermediate and advanced scene study, an invitation-only master class, and casting director, business of acting, and comedy seminars. Private coaching for auditions, career counseling, and image consulting are available. Other: Young Performers; Audition Technique/Cold Reading; On-Camera Technique THE ACTING CENTER OF LOS ANGELES5514 Hollywood Blvd. For those working on specific career goals, there is an advanced program, a six-month program of study where actors work with instructors on achieving concrete creative and professional career goals.

JULES AARON(323) 660-7342Aaron, the former head of of graduate programs at Cal Arts and U. Riverside, is an award-winning director and acting teacher. Hollywood, CA [email protected] 962-210020-50 students per class; private coaching and career consultation by appt.; All levels; No auditing, no audition, but an interview is required; Ongoing; improv runs in eight week sessions; Work study possibly available for dedicated students The Acting Center is an acting school that produces uniformly confident, completely certain actors who can create any character, in any emotion, in any situation-instantly. The advanced program culminates in a showcase attended by agents, managers, and casting directors.

THE ACTORS [email protected] 855-4444All levels; Auditing not permitted Under the direction R. Adams, workshops are held twice weekly with an emphasis on film and TV audition techniques, cold readings, on-camera scene work, and marketing and imaging guidance. North Hollywood, CA [email protected] 308-798114 students max.

per class; All levels; Up to two free audits; Ongoing and by session The Atelier offers a supportive place where students can find answers to their questions, where teachers who are experts in their field offer encouragement, and where students can also find collaboration among their peers. [email protected] 375-2724Private coaching available; One free audit, call for interview Writer-director Wilson has 15 years' experience as acting coach in the "Meisner-Conrad-No Acting" approach. 320Burbank, CA [email protected] 563-4142, Fax: (818) 841-711820-24 students per class; All levels; Auditing not permitted; Ongoing; Work study and internships available AIA Studios is a career-development actor's studio focusing on the art and business of acting.

Hollywood, CA [email protected] 378-531910-15 students average per class; All levels; accepts international students and will sponsor them with a student visa; Auditing is permitted; Ongoing; In the diploma program there is industry placement similar to internship available Artistic director Paul Parker's mission is to train and coach aspiring and seasoned actors in the renowned Australian technique.

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