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Create and implement a roll out plan that follows these steps.

Do each of these steps first with a sub-domain, then other sub-domains, and finally with the top-level domain in your organization before moving on to the next step.

), but I am having issues setting up the MX Record in BC because I am using BC to host my website. I want to use the email @because it looks more professional.

Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance DMARC) works with Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) to authenticate mail senders and ensure that destination email systems trust messages sent from your domain.

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If Office 365 rejected these messages, people could lose legitimate email and have no way to retrieve it.An email message may contain multiple originator, or sender, addresses. For example, consider these addresses: SPF uses a DNS TXT record to provide a list of authorized sending IP addresses for a given domain. From address is not authenticated when you use SPF by itself.Normally, SPF checks are only performed against the 5321. This allows for a scenario where a user can receive a message which passes an SPF check but has a spoofed 5322. For example, consider this SMTP transcript: S: Subject: Woodgrove Bank - Action required S: S: Greetings User, S: S: We need to verify your banking details.If you use Office 365 but you aren't using a custom domain, that is, you use onmicrosoft.com, you don't need to do anything else to configure or implement DMARC for your organization.SPF is already set up for you and Office 365 automatically generates a DKIM signature for your outgoing mail.When identifying sources of mail for your domain there are two questions you need to answer: Now that you have a list of all your valid senders you can follow the steps to Set up SPF in Office 365 to help prevent spoofing. If you have third-party senders that send mail on your behalf and the mail they send has mismatched 5321. This allows Office 365 to authenticate email from this 3rd-party service.

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