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Nothing you do seems to be good enough, everything that comes out of their mouth seems to be venom that puts such a strain on you and your relationship.

You’ve picked out a flattering red dress for your date at that romantic Italian restaurant.

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Take Taurus and Libras for instance who both have a strong love for affection.

Do you know that married couple that still packs on the PDA?

Yep, that Taurus male was seeking an overly affectionate woman to put a ring on her finger.

They assume she's desperate for a daddy for her children. Give the relationship a chance if you're into her, and maybe you'll discover important things you were searching for in a relationship at the same time!

They think she's trying to drain their financial resources. So let's bust some tired-ass stereotypes and share 7 things people need to know about dating a baby mama:1. When you're desperately in love you probably find yourself saying stuff like "I need you."Don't expect a baby mama you're dating to pour sweet nothings like this one into your ear.

He’ll pull out the chair for you to sit down, he’ll hold the door for you, and treat you like a delicate rose.

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