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However, now the UK Government has withdrawn the free tax concession for vehicles manufactured after December 31st 1972, it won't save me the tax after all.If this page helps you claim your rightful free tax, I shall be very pleased for you.Return to VW Type 3 & 4 Club homepage This is found on the front panel by the engine cover lock, or on the inner wing. Recent models seem to have an adhesive sticker instead.It has the chassis / VIN number engraved, and the details of load etc.Newer models have it on a sticker on the suspension turrets, inner wings or other places.Another week 18, (but this time in 1983), and a Thursday, which makes it May 5th 1983.Some other VW models took a while to sell, and may have considerably later registrations than their manufacture date.

Some Campers were fitted out in the UK and may be around a year older than their registration date, so it's worth checking M-reg vehicles.

So now you can work out your car's date of manufacture to within a week or so (and maybe the exact day using a computer calendar or your old diaries!

), and in some cases how to find out the original colour.

) :- Beetles with chassis number up to 1132438833 (normal) or 1332438833 (Super) Buses up to 2*32102496 (where * is a single digit representing the model type).

Type 3s up to 3132058500 (Fastback/Notchback) or 3632058500 (Squareback) Type 4s (412s) up to about 4132040000 (more details needed to tie this one down).

If you find any inconsistencies, please let Dave Hall know the details.

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