Who is kunal kapoor dating

I don't think thats really short (for my age) but its coz all my friends are so tall. said on 22/Mar/09hey jean, I think you're an incredibly self centered and vain person.

It gets so annoying when people say stuff to me about it and its sad coz they dont say anything to the taller kids. said on 17/Apr/09Alice: don't be too concerned about my falling from ladders or chairs. What's important is to maintain your good health and your good friendships. It's clear that you don't actually care about shortness being a beauty standard, you just think that what you look is what every woman should look like...

whereas, u find so many examples of tall men with short women. said on 30/Jun/09Hey, I think it's hyserical that the shorter you are the more hairsplittingly you need to add that 1/2 an inch. That really is the bottom line, everybody needs to be noticed.

women always make fun of my petiteness but guys don't. Most of my guy friends/husband are all 6'4 and above.

I can't leave my wife alone at a club because she gets swarmed by guys interested in her.

If you have ever had a guy say to you that you were too short to date please let me know. said on 25/Apr/09She is small, which is what I was expecting.American Actress best known for roles in movies like Collateral, The Nutty Professor, Scream 2 and Madagascar. Jada called herself '5ft nothing' in a Daily Mail article.said on 23/Mar/17Richkid123 said on 15/Aug/14 Her son Jaden wont be anywhere near as tall as his father. As long as you see love, there's nothing weather who is tall or short can't take it away, because you got each other's Back. said on 13/Feb/11I believe she's around 5'0 feet but, who cares, she's gorgeous!In the Matrix films guys like Laurence Fishburne, David Roberts and Harry Lennix TOWERED over her.Not saying that's necessarily bad, just stating a fact.said on 23/May/[email protected]'s quite a blanket statement, but thanks for telling us guys what we like! said on 19/May/09Jean, why would you think short is better?

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