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In 1980, several band members left, prompting Burns to change the band’s name to Dead or Alive. However, he made numerous animal rights’ groups furious after stating that one of his coats was made out of gorilla fur (which is an illegal and unlicensed to sell in the United Kingdom).Dead or Alive garnered recognition in 1985 with the hit song, “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record).” The band has released several albums such as Sophisticated Boom Boom, Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know, Nukleopatra, and Fragile. After many tests were performed on the coat, it was determined that it was not made of gorilla, but of Colobus monkeys—an endangered species whose fur also requires a license.Burns, a transvestite, replied: "I wish I had a sable coat and a chinchilla dressing gown, and every other fur."Gorillas are an endangered species and anyone found trading in their fur could face a maximum five-year jail sentence and an unlimited fine.Experts from the Natural History Museum said their tests showed the fur came from colobus monkeys.

According to an interview, Pete Burns dropped out of school at 14 for not acting according to the rules set out by his Catholic school.After asking him about being gay, Burns said, “People always want to know – am I gay, bi, trans or what? There’s got to be a completely different terminology and I’m not aware if it’s been invented yet.I’m just Pete.” In one interview, Burns revealed that he was addicted to going under the knife, and he would continue doing it until he reached perfection.Pete Burns' addiction to plastic surgery has become notorious over the years, and the Dead Or Alive singer is barely recognisable to how he looked before he first went under the knife.As Natasha Hamilton from Atomic Kitten speaks out about internet trolls who have jibed at how her face looks like Pete's, we remind ourselves at the transformation it has undergone...Before pursuing his music career, Burns worked at Probe Records, a record shop in Liverpool.

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