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You're just going to have to bite the bullet and get to know people individually.

My guess ( again this is just my stab in the dark here) is that an older woman, around the age bracket you discuss, will probably be concerned with- How healthy a man is around your age ( stated at 62)- How financially secure you are ( or not) and that status of your available health insurance- How good you look to them/How capable you are potentially for sex- How close to them you are located geographically I would say practically, most women around your age bracket would be concerned if they dated an older man, and in a couple of years, were in a situation where his health deteriorated and they felt compelled to take care of him ( It's not as simple as getting up and leaving.

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Our members aim to create a rich landscape of hunting stories chock full of tactics, strategies and maybe even share a laugh or two! If you value your hunting experiences, enjoy sharing them and learning from the experiences of other hunters, Heritage Hunters is for you!

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Engage her mind and everything else will follow IF it's meant to be Unfortunately you will run up against a lot of people who conflate these two things.

But I am looking for guidance into the wants and needs of women over 55 years old.

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And most importantly who is honest, sincere and with good disposition in life.

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