Wrong itunes account when updating apps


Hi all, I noticed that there were a number of updates for my installed apps today but when I came to install them, it asked for my i Tunes password as usual, however, the email address was not correct (it brought up my email address when I use my gmail address for i Tunes).Has anyone had this problem and does anyone know of a fix?So to help all i OS 11 users solve these annoying troubles, we list them one by one, with quick and practical solutions, in the following. Recovery Mode, Apple Logo, Brick i Phone Problems 31.

This is due to someone downloading certain apps under a different Apple account. When I went to update the app (originally purchased on account A) it was now prompting for the password from account B.

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I have just a handful of applications that when I try to update the the app store app prompts me for a password to my other account which the apps were not purchased on. I see same problem since I use several different account for different countries and languages.

The id that shows for downloading updates will be the id that downloaded those apps and therefore the account that they are tied to - you may not be logged into that account anywhere on the i Pad, and even if you are logged into it, logging out won't make any difference.

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it happens to me all the time because half my apps are from the australian itunes store, and the other half are from the US.

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