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One origin of this misconception is the common demonstration of blowing up a balloon to model the expansion of the universe.Another is the (mistaken) belief that during the Big Bang, matter expanded into space from a point (see below). Therefore light from MOST of the galaxies in the universe has not yet had time to reach us. Again, light from MOST of the universe has not yet had time to reach us.For example, matter and anti-matter are routinely created in the laboratory from space itself (and an energy source); the kinds of particles that can exist reflect the structure of space. Unfortunately, many students, teachers, and scientists(! ) mistakenly picture the "Big Bang" as an explosion that took place at some location in space, hurtling matter outward.In fact, there is now evidence that space itself MAY possess some slight amount of energy of its own, of a form previously unknown. Discovering the properties of space remains one of the deepest and most important problems in modern science. In reality, ALL of space was filled with energy right from the beginning.It’s good that my Russian is very basic and doesn't include rude words or we would have been banned from that office.

She quoted some bizarre story about a girl being married to a foreigner who later turned out to have 5 wives so she explained she was trying to be helpful and doing us a favor, hmm. She said that it should say ‘I am available to marry’.I don’t however think this can be used in all cases as they need to decide if you have a legitimate reason to extend your visa.We explained that we are getting married and that was ok, we just needed to show proof of the wedding booking.The process is about Belarus but its also probably very similar to what also happens in Russia and Ukraine.will be able to give you a ‘certificate of non-impediment’.If they ask for something outrageous then its better you have time to try and either get them to consult further up the ladder or get your embassy on to them.

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