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As this seems to be causing issues for some people aswell.

Have read through the threads in the atv section on the forum It could be a problem with using the hubwizard,as far as i know its meant to run on eden and waiting to be upgraded for frodo (someone maybe will confirm this) Also do you have nito tv or plex?

For those of you knowing already, what XMBC is about and for, we'd like to share some words about XBMC 12.0 (Frodo), which has beed released by 2013-01-29.

Whether you're new to XBMC or an already happy user - we urgently recommend to use XBMC Frodo (12.0), instead of dealing with XBMC Eden.

All seemed ok but after doing the XBMC setup it crashed again on Frontrow with the menu entries missing.

I've copied the userdata folder over to the right place and tried restarting just XBMC as well as the whole ATV but no go. Sorry, I cant find the advice in the FAQ anywhere...you 'copy and paste' please?

I too am running eben beta 11 and when I click into movies, tv shows etc, nothing comes up except a large blank area where i used to see all my files (this is in library mode).

It was running for a while and so the log file got quite large. Here is my dpkg -l Also here is my entire syslog (deleted the old log before rebooting) Any ideas ?

On a fresh jailbreak of 4.4.4 I've got XBMC now working again..

SSH works fine and the Apps seems to be there but the entries got removed.

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